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New poem added - "Escape from Suburbia"


New poem added - "Neon Drive"


New poem added - "Beyond Tannhauser Gate"


New poem added - "Meet me at the Diner"


New poem added - "Wake me from my sleep - Reprise"


New poem added - "Help is on the way - Reprise"


I still believe in poetry. And in the power of music as well. If you like please follow me to listen to my songs: www.soundcloud.com/blackpoole


New poem added - "Not now"


New poem added - "Avalon"


New poem added - "Mit dem Herzen geträumt"


New poem added - "Fall behind"


New poem added - "Vers zum Leben"


New video added - "Wake me from my sleep" (-> Publications)


New poem added - "All"


A Flash Gallery was added to the website - please see "About the author"


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year 2009 !


New poem added - "Ancient times"


New video added - "Wegen Ihr" (-> Publications)


New video added - "Dominos" (-> Publications)


New video added - "Killer of Love" (-> Publications)


New poem added - "An dir vorbei"


New poem added - "Kruemelchen"


New poem added - "Keine Zeit"


New poem added - "No gentle way"


New poem added - "Muse"


New poem added - "Hands on the wheel"


As anybody already know, I'm a big fan of ASIA. After 25 years you can now hear new music from the four original members taken from the forthcoming album PHOENIX. Follow the link: http://www.frontiers.it/Default.aspx?tabid=85


New poem added - "Stimme in dir"


I'm working on two poetry books. One with german lyrics and the another with english lyrics. Hope to finish both as soon as possible.


Christmas time is over now and the new year is around again. I wish you happiness and blessings for the new year to come and may your dreams come true ! All the best for 2008 !


New poem added - "No More"


New poem added - "Tag um Tag"


New poem added - "Don't come close"


New poem added - "Das Fenster"


New poem added - "Irgendwo da draussen"


New poem added - "Let him go"


New song added - "One and only Divine"


New poem added - "Zauber deiner Liebe"


New poem added - "Nimm dir Zeit"


New poem added - "Nicht mehr deine Zeit"


New poem added - "Der erste Schritt"


New poem added - "Wake me from my sleep"


New poem added - "To be here"


New poem added - "Breaking Benjamin"


Happy new year to all of you ! May 2007 will be full of love, blessings and wishes to come true !


MachtDerWorte Re-Launch !
After several years MdW was designed brand new from the scratch and I hope & wish you all enjoy the new look-and-feel of this site.
A special THANK YOU to Olaf, Matthias and Marc !


New poem added - "Geträumt von dir"


New poem added - "Allein"


New poem added - "Now or never"


New poem added - "Abschied"


Asia is back on the road on tour ... reason enough to search my old photo box for some rare sights: Tour photos taken on two gigs in 1989 & 1990 !
But have a look by yourself if you like: www.asia-in-concert.com


Good news for all ASIA fans (like me):
After two decades the boys are back live on stage - hopefully they will play some gigs here in Germany ;-)


New poem added - "Don Quichotte"


New poem added - "Lifetime"


New poem added - "My own time"


New poem added - "Sieh dich um"


The king is dead - long live the king !
Geoffrey Downes has dissolved his partnership with ASIA. Geoff will be continuing his work with John Wetton on the ICON project and intends to join with the original members of Asia on tour later this year.
There is also a new CD available - great stuff for all ASIA fans from the 1st hour:
ICON - Acoustic TV Broadcast


New poems added - "To be in vain" & "Sternenhimmel"
Furthermore I created a new section called "Deutsche Gedichte 2000-2005" & "English poetry 2000-2005". The existing section "New poetry" was a little bit overcrowded through the years ...


Today I activated my new guestbook. Unfortunaltelly my old geustbook was flooded with spam entries so I was forced to have to do this change.
All "old" entries are not lost. They will be back online again bit by bit in the next days.
Please enjoy my new guestbook and leave a lot of messages ... many thanks !


New poem added - "Es kommt ein Tag"


New poems added - "Keep them coming" & "Stille"


New poem added - "Night on earth"



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