It seems to be a playground,
for a girl like you,
everythings so easy,
to understand,
let the boys,
be your toys,
you hold the world in your hand ...

No rules in mind,
you go your way,
always smiling,
with this special look in your eyes,
another fool is easy to find,
the one who comes to please,
will be the one you tease,
with sweet promises,
and dirty lies ...

Do you never want to know,
how it feels,
do you never want to show,
a little affection,
for the one,
who really loves you,
head over heels ...

You open your heart,
but never let them in,
your kiss will be the first price,
but you never let them win,
just watching the loosers,
crawling on the ground,
praying for a miracle,
for healing their broken wings ..

Copyright: Achim Tober