"Lost and found"

The phone keeps on ringing,
but no one is on the line,
I hear someone knocking at the door,
maybe it's you,
I think,
out there,
hey little girl,
what are you waiting for ...?

For endless days,
I'm a hitchhiker on the run,
traveling a road that never leads to you,
a one-way ticket in my pocket,
echos in the dark,
and memories of you in the midnight sun ...

I'm going crazy,
isn't it you,
who look at me with angel eyes,
you are heaven above,
and paradise below,
the sound of your laughter still in my mind,
I feel in blue,
and let us dance across the borderline ...

I refuse to believe in my situation,
even when hope is nothing more than an unsteady footprint in the sand,
hey little darling,
for so long I was walking through this stormy land,
missing heaven above,
and the paradise below,
when love is never dying,
on a place so unreal,
on a place where the cold wind blows ...

I still believe in lost and lound ...

Copyright: Achim Tober