"Love has many names"

Have you ever realized,
what all she has done,
for you ...

All day all night,
she gives the best to do it right,
for you ...

Have ou ever seen,
the magic in her eyes,
it's just for you ...

She let you feel the joy,
of a love no one could ever destroy,
only for you ...

Have you forgotten,
when all seems to be lost,
nothing you can do,
there is someone,
who is still loving you,
only you ...

How can you say it's boring,
how can you say it's always the same,
have you never learned ...

Love has many names ...

Have you ever remembered,
long ago,
and no place to hide,
she was you shelter,
and turned darkness into light,
she did it just for you ...

Have you ever asked yourself,
how can it be,
she said: I forgive,
and set you free,
she did it only for you ...

After that,
how can you say she doesn't love you anymore,
how can you live with the shame,
have you never heard ...

Love has many names ...

Copyright: Achim Tober