"Welcome and goodbye"

Welcome and goodbye,
two words I have heard so many times,
differnt places,
different faces,
different names,
and different reasons,
but the tears are always the same ...

There were times,
when I had it all,
but I was missing,
this little something called love,
deep inside of me,
I always wonna feel,
without any excuse,
it cannot be so hard,
but I'm still the who loose ...

The seasons are changing,
and the chances come and go,
the wheel of furtune still turning,
round and round,
while my hopes and dying,
in silence without any sound ...

Maybe I looking happy,
but if you look at me,
you wouldn't believe my sadness,
and if you wonder why,
just stay in my shoes,
for one single minute,
and you'll get a bad taste of loneliness,
you'll never forget for the rest of your life ...

Copyright: Achim Tober