"Help is on the way"

Each day you awake,
life always means the same,
nothing really happens,
nothing really comes as surprise,
and lady luck still doesn’t know your name ...

Each night you fall asleep,
you keep on dreaming,
counting all the stars in the big black sky,
hoping they would make your wishes come true,
great moments with passion and lust,
with nothing left to do,
just watching the good time goes by ...

So would you believe me when I say,
the day has come to beat the fear,
so would you trust me when I promise,
help is on their way ...

Each night you fall asleep,
and you keep on dreaming,
each day you awake,
and life always has the same old meaning,
I just want you to believe when I say,
everything can change,
just stand up,
‘cos help is on their way ...

Copyright: Achim Tober