"Under my skin"

Nothing beats the good old story,
it can make the restless stay forever,
not just for a while,
nothing beats the fight,
for love and glory,
nothing beats your perfect smile,
here you are,
my perfect sin ...

I`m going to miss you,
since you came to me,
crawling under my skin ...

I never wanted to be smart,
or tell the wind which way to blow,
so why do I wonder now,
or is there something I should know,
maybe the meaning,
`cause I keep on dreaming,
every night I stand with open arms,
and want you to come in ...

I`ve got you under my skin ...
You came out of nowhere,
and you`ve found the way to me,
maybe someone will play in disguise,
maybe it`s our kind of destiny,
but one thing is for sure,
I never before felt so alive,
here I stand,
with my open heart,
and want you to come in ...

Let me dare,
let me care,
I`ve got you under my skin ...

Copyright: Achim Tober