"Long ago"

Long ago,
so it seems,
and only time will tell,
thatís an unwritten rule,
powerful and strong,
it makes some people sing,
and some others to fools ...

What will be,
and where see goes,
questions all around,
drowning me,
Iím begging for an answer,
but no one really knows ...

Iím walking down the streets,
alone like a man could be,
and life is something in between,
with every dawning I hope again,
there will somebody be in sight,
but for the moment,
it looks like Iím lost at day,
and be haunted in my dreams ...

Was it the right to do,
itís so hard to understand,
memories collides,
playing me tricks of the light,
it was so hard to quit,
when I never ever,
wanted to leave her side ...

Copyright: Achim Tober