I opened my arms,
and she came in,
and her beauty,
made me shiver deep inside,
everything of her,
so close to me,
and it hits me,
like a bolt,
right out of the sky ...

I opened my heart,
and she came in,
just to steal it away,
like a thief,
in the darkest night,
everything I owned,
my greatest treasure,
had gone so far,
out of sight ...

I should have been living in the dark,
and my world should have been felt apart,
I should have been dieing a thousand times,
the flicker of a distant memory in my mind ...

But ...

I`m still alive,
through the fire,
through the rain,
nothing ever changes,
in my way to love and feel,
it`s always the same ...

I`m still alive,
through the emptyness,
throught all the pain,
nothing ever changes,
and my hope and wishes,
will bring me up again ...

Someday ...

Copyright: Achim Tober