"Tell me"

This look in your eyes,
itís so hard for me to describe,
searching for some human touch,
and full of wishes of some better days,
disillusion - comes to confusion,
and cut all the ways,
you tried to come out of this ...

The memory is all what remains,
and it wonít come alive,
so let it go,
let it flow,
itís time to set yourself free,
and your secret wish from deep inside ...

Just ....

Tell me,
tell me,
whatís on your mind,
tell me,
tell me,
and I will find,
whatever your heart desires,
whatever you longing for ...

Turn around,
turn around,
to make you believe and see,
turn around,
turn around,
and I will show you places,
you never dared to dream,
and never tried to see ...

Copyright: Achim Tober