Till now,
I wonít believe in much,
disappointed and wounded,
I made it through the days,
but my life is going to change,
- hmm yes -,
itís going to change ...

just a voice on the line,
or more than it used to be,
only a trick of the light,
or a rising flame,
burning her name into my memories ...

only a single call without any epilogue,
just started and going to an end,
so Iím praying to the gods,
to make her understand ...

Never before,
life changed the meaning,
in such a way,
never before,
Iím looking for the right words,
for you only to say ...

Never ever,
I feel so sure,
never ever,
I feel so in secure,
and taking every risk,
offering my heart and soul,
only to make you mine ...

Copyright: Achim Tober