"You and me"

You and me,
we were the only survivors,
in this emotional game,
killing the love we had,
once living in our hearts,
we were like falling angels,
searching for new directions,
but never found the right way,
out of this trap,
which raises our thorn and hate,
and made us falling apart ...

You and me,
we tried to surrender,
and to lay our weapons down,
to hear the voice of understanding,
and stop everything which mades us frown ...

But we won’t listen,
and didn’t break our chains,
suspicion took us by the hand,
raising new fears,
and with no mercy,
it brought us to tears,
again ...

Now the battle’s over,
and we see all we’d lost,
there’s no winner,
there’s no price,
and never be a second chance,
for us to sympathize ...

Copyright: Achim Tober