"Why me"

You came as a friend,
were by my side like lovers do,
and now leave as a stranger,
the oldest story,
history can tell,
no more harmony,
no more wishing well ...

Building up my broken heaven,
really - I try so hard,
but it's more like builing my own perfect hell,
with every single memory of you,
that comes back to light,
love's resurrection,
in perfection,
while I'm fighting against the tide ...

Life is not what you make it,
it will never be the same,
the table's turned,
and I'm sitting at wrong side,
times up for still dreaming,
times up for making things right ...

Why me,
I whisper,
why me,
I shout out loud,
and hope to touch the stars in the evening sky,
looking down on me,
watching me through a thousand eyes,
I feel so lost and alone,
tears on my face,
missing your warm embrace,
so much ...

Copyright: Achim Tober