"Dawn of love"

Got you on the phone,
with sweet emotions by my side,
with so much to tell,
there’s nothing in me,
I have to hide …

Hello my love,
so I start,
everything’s in me hungers for your voice,
waiting for your reaction,
to delight my heart …

When silence is all I hear,
beneath your breath on the line,
you should be such as close,
but you don’t,
is this the moment that I privily fear …?

Should everything be said and done,
like a candle burning down too fast,
I can’t believe whats going on,
miles away from any understanding,
panic takes my hand,
cold and hard,
finding no solution,
is this the final conclusion
the dawn of our love … ?

Dawn of love,
the dawn of love,
and I feel so sad ..

Copyright: Achim Tober