"For my love"

Your loveís like a big wave,
Iíve never tried something before,
but now I dive right in,
Iím walking on clouds,
knowing you by my side,
itís giving me the strengh,
it all lies within Ö

When youíre calling my name,
so soft and sweet,
I could fall from grace,
where have you been,
for so long,
through all these days,
now time is standing still,
while I'm touching your face Ö

No yesterdayís calling,
no sad memories will ever come my way,
your inner beauty shining on me like the sun,
this conquers all,
and I surrender,
while my wallís coming down,
you giving me this feeling,
thereís no reason to hurry,
all is said and done Ö

Copyright: Achim Tober