"I'm standing"

Standing at the edge of time,
and sharpen my senses,
ready to focus,
ready to let in,
searching for a s.o.s.,
that might find it’s way,
searching for the love,
I might win,
someday …

Standing at the edge of feelings,
your voice running through my head,
leaving me awake at night,
hear you whisper – wishing,
you finally call my name,
hello and goodbye in a minute,
another day passes by,
but life is not the same …

Standing at the edge of hopes,
for how long will this be,
searching the twilight,
for something that heal my pain,
a restless heart and so much to give,
but there’s nothing I can do,
nothing I can change,
love’s like it is,
following it’s unwritten rules,
I will not complain …

Copyright: Achim Tober