"See me"

Counting the month,
and the leaves are falling,
try to catch a look,
searching for any hook,
which I couldn’t find,
you’re so perfectly …

Wanted you so,
from deep inside,
never ever nothing,
but you - forever on my mind,
will love once find a way,
shinning on us,
very very secretly,
that you surely never will know …

Just want to tell you who I am,
to light up our world,
holding for you,
right here in my hand,
if I only could find the strengh,
to speak what’s on my mind,
if I only could find the words,
to make you understand …

Look up,
and give me a smile,
I'm hoping for so long,
see me to see me,
like I really am,
open your heart,
and let me in,
this moment for a lifetime,
see me to see me,
I will not move,
here I stand …

Copyright: Achim Tober