"My own time"

My eyes have seen a millions things,
feeling so weak and tired
chances over chances,
missed by those who never learned,
to catch the pull,
and try riding the dragons wings Ö

The ticking of the clock,
reminds me every day,
making the most of now,
live more intensely,
not to go lost somewhere,
insensible and cold somehow Ö

Thatís why Iím leaving all behind Ö

Thatís why Iím taking Ö

My own time Ö
feeling home,
feeling safe,
my spear and shield,
my peace of mind Ö

My own time Ö
watching the hours,
passing by Ė floating by,
when life starts to reveal,
all mysteries ever known,
being my rhythm and my rhyme ...

Copyright: Achim Tober