"Night on earth"

Is your life in confusion,
and you got no more illusion,
so donít take this as an intrusion,
just wanna show,
just wanna let you know ...

Thereís night on earth,
with darkness falls to cover,
all whatís on your mind,
thereís night on earth,
with hours to heal your pain,
with hours to break every chains ...

Nothing will be like before,
I show you midnight hour,
as never been seen,
follow me and come along,
see and feel my arguments,
on your body so sharp and keen ...

Thereís night on earth,
black in black,
nothing to be missed at all,
thereís night on earth,
I can cool your desire,
and catch your fall ...

Is your life in confusion,
and thereís no more illusion,
I can free your heart & soul,
ever wanted to know the reason why,
just follow sound of my name Lestat,
never feel guilty,
just give it a try ...

... to see night on earth,
like it really is ...

Night on earth,
night on earth,
night on earth ...

Copyright: Achim Tober