"Breaking Benjamin"

He's walking down in Central Park,
like he did so many times before,
nothing really has changed,
but this time it's different and new,
is this a shadow behind the trees,
or a trick of the light,
just a distance thought,
from long ago and out of sight ...

what's right or wrong,
Pandora's box wide open,
and all over him,
it's surrounding,
it's breaking Benjamin ...

When the day left with sunset,
he's out in the jungle again,
face to face with Charlie in the fields,
all through the night,
hunted down run and fall,
looking for a cover,
just trying to survive ...

Will there be a time for a living,
or is there only a time to die,
he grasp for his gun,
take a deep breath,
and do a dance with Bouncing Betty,
while he hear the bullets fly ...

It's breaking Benjamin,
this memory in his mind,
such as terrible,
and worse of a kind ...

The war's all over,
but he's still in Nam,
out there when nite falls,
insanity and nightmares become one ...

Breaking Benjamin ...

Breaking Benjamin ...

It's breaking Benjamin ...

Copyright: Achim Tober