"No more"

Night falls,
it's getting dark outside,
and I'm trying to push my feelings beside,
while swallowing,
while bearing down,
my love and pride ...

There you are,
the same old place we meet,
it's like stranded in time,
all so close and familar,
and memories some kind of sweet ...

You come close,
so close to me,
with the same look and smile,
that could light up the fire,
again once in a while ...

But I will resist,
I will resist,
the table's turned,
I will resist ...

No more taking,
the wrong direction,
your love was heading,
from the very first time ...

No more feeling alone,
even though you were by my side,
you're hot - you're cold,
faith vanished and died ...

How can I believe,
when there are only excuses,
how can I trust,
when there's no honesty at all ...

Your life,
build on lies and abuses,
you may be around again,
but never would catch my fall ...

No more,
no more,
it's no more,
I will resists ... !

Copyright: Achim Tober