"So glad to be here ..."

Do I dance in the moonlight,
do I swim in a bracing stream,
do I fly like a leaf,
taken by a warm summer breeze Ö

simply yes
it feels so real,
like the wind on my face,
and among the trees Ö

Emotions in motion,
emotions in a flow,
emotions I canít descripe,
emotions I canít let go Ö

It seems as if the world,
suddenly starts to speak,
a million languages become one,
and welcomes me,
with every ray of the sun,
showing me the way,
from past to present,
with so many things left,
to be done Ö

Counting not the years,
but every single memory,
filled up with love or tears,
good one,
bad ones,
thatís what defines me Ö

Iím so glad to be here,
so glad to be here ...

Copyright: Achim Tober