"Wake me from my sleep"

Young boy,
see how time flies,
and this hits right between the eyes,
right here,
right now ...

Old man,
gazing at the dawning sun,
wishing himself on a star,
for a second chance to learn,
a caring lesson in love,
finding a good heart to yearn ...

Life’s a curious thing,
playing busy by the rules,
untouchable but surrounds us all,
with all of us waiting for somebody,
who will come and catch our fall ...

Young old man,
where will you be,
I point the finger to the mirror,
it's reflecting myself in a distant way,
and I abandon all sad,
with a smile on my face,
from now on it's only you and me,
you and me …

I took my chances,
through the moments of silence,
when old cuts hurts such as deep,
but knowing you by my side,
I will leave the past behind,
it passes and no bad will stay,
because ...

You wake me from my sleep,
you wake me from my sleep ...

Copyright: Achim Tober